Rehabilitation with a typo

I spotted rehabilitation with a typo as I was parking my car recently

The plate glass window of a gym had big statements about how they could help people — each letter about4 inches/10cm high, but one word jumped out at me … and here is my photo:

Rehabilitation with a typo spelling mistake

I see spelling errors without even looking for them — for example many stationery businesses spell stationery as “stationAry” which doesn’t actually mean “stationery” — two entirely different meanings 🙂

Rehabilitation is just one of those words which is often incorrectly written or typed (as in a “typo”), and there are many similar words which can catch out many folks.

Is there a word like this which you either spell incorrectly all the time, or see written somewhere incorrectly all the time? I’d love to hear about it – drop me a link on the Contact page, or pop over to the Facebook page to share your photos and comments too 🙂

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