In this day and age a lot of people think proofreading is unimportant … and a lot of people have never been taught to spell, or to use grammar correctly … and this affects people from early school years all the way through to retirement and beyond.

If you’re applying for a professional job, you need your professional documents [resume, Curriculum Vitae] to be 100% correct – no typing mistakes, no grammar mistakes, no punctuation mistakes. You want your potential employer to be impressed by you – on all levels. Just how much do you want to impress? Very much so, I’m sure – your future career is in the balance.

If you’re in business, it’s very important that your Contracts, Reports, financials, business planning and all related business documents are correct. Not just the financial bits, but the written words. What if you didn’t proofread a Contract and instead of the words *the contractors will not be paid overtime*, the words, *the contractors will be paid overtime* appear? Will this affect your bottom line? Just how important is it to proofread your documents now? That’s right … very important indeed. 

You’ve launched your website, you’ve done a great job … and you didn’t ask anyone to help you proofread your site, just to give you an opinion. You’re wondering why you’re not getting any clients, and no-one is signing up for your newsletter. What on earth could be the problem? Ahhhhhhh … some kind soul finally emails you to tell you they were offended by a phrase on your home page. Yikes! This could have been avoided!!

30 Minute Web Check

I’ve introduced a new service in response to the many enquiries I’ve received – please complete the Comment box below or pop over to the Contact page to find out more.

STOP mistakes BEFORE they are a problem

What you need is impeccable text with 0% errors – Guaranteed AND at very AFFORDABLE RATES!

Whether for websites, CVs, sales letters, newsletters, ebooks, adverts, or more — your text will be 100% correct and delivered ON TIME.

I have been proofreading for over 20 years in many industries [publishing, advertising, I.T. to name a few; Editor of entertainment industry annual book USA, Editor of IT-industry Newsletter Australia, and others] in several countries [Australia, USA, France] where the correct written word was essential.

I am so fortunate that the incorrect words, grammar and punctuation literally jump off the page at me! It can be quite disconcerting especially in restaurants and cafes … haha … and I do carry a red pen, much to the horror of friends and associates. 

Luckily for me I LOVE the written word, so to proofread is a joy – let me help you with your spelling, punctuation and grammar – let me help you be the best that you can be!

Let me give your text the EAGLE EYE it deserves!

One of the top 7-figure internet gurus was very surprised to hear from me recently – in their banner on their main website, which had been seen by MILLIONS of people monthly, I spotted a TYPO the first time I visited the site!! Instead of the word *entrepreneur*, the graphic designer had typed *entrepeneur* – and left out the second *R*!

Boy were they surprised when I let them know – it was fixed immediately! They wrote back and said:

“Amazing… Yikes! It’s obvious that I do need a proofreader … or better coffee in the morning. Thanks a lot Teena. Your help is much appreciated. Roslyn G”

Never be embarrassed again!

Be excited by increased business from your website! Your beautiful professionally proofed text will assure your clients and potential business partners that you are a true business professional, who cares about the first contact most people have these days – via the internet and printed words.

True professionals are reluctant to chance that a potential client will discover a typo or a grammatical error in their text. Having me proofread all your business communications before they go out means you will always have immaculate text representing you far and wide.

Ways in which I can HELP YOU …

Launching your website? I will proofread the pages and double-check the links to make sure it’s ready to go *LIVE*.

Need to make sure your Autoresponder series of emails is free from typos? I’ll make sure of that!

Want to launch an eBook? Let me check spelling, grammar, punctuation AND links for the perfect text.

English not your first language? Let me help with that – US and English spelling options.

Anyone and everyone can make mistakes – whether you’re busy, you’re tired, or spelling and grammar don’t come naturally to you … it can happen to anyone.

I hope you will think about our cost-effective proofreading service the next time you write something … especially if you have an important audience – of one, or millions.

If you’d like more information, please pop over to the Contacts page and fill in the simple form. I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.! While you’re waiting, why not visit some of the pages here which are chock full of goodies for you to learn? Go on, it won’t hurt – I promise!





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