Is it OK to use an apostrophe with a person’s name?

Using Plurals with Apostrophes

Using Plurals with Apostrophes

Cade writes, “Hi, I’m having a discussion with a friend about whether it’s proper to use an apostrophe to make a contraction in place of the words “is” or “has” when used with a proper noun like a name.

I feel this is correct, though she does not: “Cade’s listening to some music.” She thinks the rule only applies to words like “he,” “she.” That would be: “He’s listening to music.”

Can you tell me whether I’m right or wrong? I believe firmly that I am, but feels just as strongly that she is.


Question:  Is it OK to use an apostrophe with a person’s name?


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5 Responses to Is it OK to use an apostrophe with a person’s name?

  1. ApostropheQueen says:

    Hi Cade,

    Thnks for sending a question about apostrophes.

    My answer is … “Cade’s correct!”

    Your friend’s understanding of this just doesn’t make sense, I’m afraid. If your friend reads a magazine, newspaper or other print media she’ll soon see how many times a name is used with an apostrophe as an omission of a letter.

    Hope this helps!

    Let me know if you have other questions.


  2. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for the info on your site!

    FYI – there is a typo on this page – #3 – yesterday is incorrect.

    • ApostropheQueen says:

      Cheryl, thank you so much for letting me know!

      Sometimes I am in such a hurry to share information that I do make a typo here and there.

      It’s thanks to lovely people like you who let me know in such a kind way which makes all this worthwhile 🙂

      Many thanks indeed,

  3. Mario PS says:

    This is a blog about a very important part of grammar.

    Please watch the spelling.

    “yesterday’s appointments [“yeserday” is singular, so apostrophe comes before the “s”]”

    yeserday” blows your credibility … now I need to check additional sources!

    • ApostropheQueen says:

      Mario, hello there! Thanks for dropping by!

      It’s always such a pleasure to have someone let me know when I have made a simple typo — I appreciate your kindness in letting me know in such a kind and thoughtful way.

      Have a gorgeous week!

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