Lots of people have trouble spelling this one – there are two words which look the same, except one ends with -ery and the other ends with -ary.  “How to tell them apart?” I hear you ask.

Spelling is so important! I admit that I have been put off if I visit a website and I start to read and discover lots of spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I used to write to the webmaster for each site and let them know – now there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do that 🙂

Here is a very commonly misspelt word – misused every day by millions of people (do I exaggerate?), but is *so* simple to learn the correct way to spell it.

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StationEry with an E

where the E in –ery is for Envelope.

Use this spelling when talking about paper, pens, envelopes, etc. [/jbox]

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StationAry with an A

where the A in –ary is for Apple,which sits still, and is not moving so therefore use stationAry.

Use this “stationAry” when talking about vehicles and other objects when you mean they are standing still. [/jbox]



* The stationery truck [carrying all the pens & paper] was stuck in traffic – it was stationary [sitting still] for quite some time.

* The stationary train was waiting at the platform. [It was standing still.]

* The stationery cupboard was looking bare – the Receptionist decided it was time to order more notepads, pencils and other office supplies. PS: Because the cupboard didn’t have wheels, it was *stationary*!


[jbox title=”” color=”blue”]Caroline Millan of Scotland very kindly sent in this great tip for remembering to use an E in this spelling:

The StationEry cupboard is full of EnvElopEs

Thanks Caroline! What a great way to remember E for Envelopes!! This is the first time I’ve seen this.

25 Oct 2010[/jbox]

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