Past Passed


I’ve had LOTS of requests for info on these confusing words, so I do hope this clears up any confusion!

* If you PASS [drive by] a car on the freeway, you’ve PASSED it[past tense of *to pass*]

* A Parliamentary motion is PASSED[past tense of *to pass*]

* A Parliamentary motion is being discussed – the Parliament wants to PASS the motion. [present tense of *to pass*]

* The shop is PAST [beyond] the corner.

TIP: *PAST* the corner is not a form of *to pass*, hence is spelled differently.

TIP: *PASSED* is the past tense of *to pass*.


Present Tense:
I pass
You pass
He/she passes
They pass
We pass

Past Tense:
I passed
You passed
He/she passed
They passed
We passed

Make sense now? I hope so!


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