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Before you criticise someone’s apostrophes

Hi there! Today I’d like to talk about what you can do before you criticise someone’s apostrophes — and save yourself some grief. This morning I got several emails via this website, all from the same woman (using an alias) … Continue reading

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What is the rule for using Apostrophe (figure of speech)?

I need a rule for using Apostrophe in English! What is the rule when using Apostrophe (figure of speech)? Like how the rule for personification is "the use of words (diction) that are pleasant to the readers mind or ear."

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How to use Apostrophe for Name ending with X.?

f there is a company name called DLEX, and I wanted to talk about the company financials, would I write "DLEX’ financials" or "DLEX’s financials" or "DLEXes financials"?

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Hi there! Could any one please tell me how to use apostrophe in words?

For example, what’s the difference between: This is my parent’s room and This is my parents’ room I always get confused while using apostrophes 😛 thank’s for your answers 🙂

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When do you use apostrophe S and S apostrophe?

I was taught, growing up, that you only use apostrophe-S when it is a contraction as in "John’s going home" as in "John is going home" and S-apostrophe for possession. Was I taught incorrectly????? How do you distinguish between possession … Continue reading

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Why do authors use apostrophe in literature?

This is not what I mean by apostrophe : " I mean when a character in a book is talking to an idea or a person that is not there. Like "Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?" Why do … Continue reading

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Do I need apostrophes with family surnames?

Mickey asks:  “Hi Teena, When signing a card from The Bernsteins, The Shermans and The Barks, do you use apostrophes? Also, when displaying an ornament with a surname do you use an apostrophe? The Bernsteins or the Bernstein’s 2008. Thank … Continue reading

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Whose to say / who’s to say?

Ian asks, “Dear Aprostrophe Queen, It’s very important to me that I use apostrophes correctly, but this one has got me twisted and I hope that you can help. I have been asked a question by email, and my immediate … Continue reading

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Is it OK to use an apostrophe with a person’s name?

Cade writes, “Hi, I’m having a discussion with a friend about whether it’s proper to use an apostrophe to make a contraction in place of the words “is” or “has” when used with a proper noun like a name. I … Continue reading

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