“Apostrophes. Why …”, I hear you ask, “do I need to use one??”

Reason 1 : Omit a letter

When you join two words to make one, and you OMIT a character, you insert an apostrophe.

For example:

“I am” – becomes – “I’m”

“We are ” – becomes – “We’re”

“It is” – becomes – “It’s”

Reason 2 : Ownership

When you want to show possession – this thing belongs to that person or thing – use apostrophes.

For example:

Heather’s rubber ducky.
Means, “The rubber ducky belongs to Heather.”

“The company’s picnic is to be held on Saturday.”
Means, “The picnic belongs to the company.”

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2 Responses to Apostrophes

  1. si says:

    how about the game’s being played today. is it okay to use an apostrophe to indicate “is” Like the game is being played today.

    • ApostropheQueen says:

      Absolutely correct, aishatbishi!
      “The game is being played today.”
      can become:
      “The game’s being played today.”

      In this case, the apostrophe shows an OMISSION of a letter.

      You got this right – bravo!

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