30 Minute Web Check

Have you been wondering why you’re not having much success with your website? What is it that other people see when they visit your site? Is it friendly and welcoming, cold, professional, uninviting?

  • Web visitors not sticking around?  Web visitors not turning into buyers?
  • Do you have typos on your site which are putting people off? Not good at spelling but don’t have anyone else to ask to look at your site?
  • Do you have images which take forever to download, so visitors get bored waiting and click off to another site?
  • Are people just not finding you in the search engine results??

Time for a website overhaul!

Your website might need a 30 Minute Web Check – a quick overview of what others see.

I create a Web Report covering the following:

  • meta tag Title
  • meta tag Description
  • meta tag Keywords
  • internal links

I provide a Summary giving an overview of my experience on your website and highlight things which you could consider updating, changing or fixing:

  • slow-loading images
  • descriptions for images and links
  • spelling & grammar
  • contact details
  • ease of purchasing / getting more info.

Once you have your *30 Minute Web Check* Report in your inbox, you’ll be able to consider the recommendations when you’re ready to next update your site yourself, or you can use it to discuss changes with your website designer.

If you need help with the updates I can do that for you (rates to be determined).


Small investment, big results!

$US65.00 for your five main website pages.

Please contact me for a Quote on larger websites, by clicking the Contact button in the menu.

Note: Price is based on text-based websites, not pages of web links. For a Quote on checking your pages of web links, please contact me.

“What if it takes more than 30 minutes to scan my site?”

I have a timer when I’m working on your site. When the 30 minutes is up I stop my research, and make a note on the Report to say which pages have been covered. I then contact you to see if you’d like me to proceed with the rest of the pages, at the same rate.

Ready to get started?

Click here to contact me with the name of your website, I’ll be in touch with the secure online payment details.

Congratulations on taking a great step forward for your website and business!

To your success!

I wish you much success for the future of your business.

Let me know if you’d like some more information, or a sample report.

Have a fabulous and successful week!





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